Both B2B and B2C businesses can leverage different digital marketing mediums, only if they know what are the latest digital marketing trends and top statistics. Online marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Digital Advertising, Content marketing, Automation Marketing, eCommerce SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc. have become common to the ears & eyes of B2B and B2C businesses.

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However, it is to note here that Inbound marketing and Outbound marketing are both  covered in Digital marketing. So, there are many facts which you get to know only after understanding each of the latest digital marketing trends and stats.

Digital marketing is an ongoing and evolving process, requiring brands and businesses to keep pace with the fast-changing processes. In 2017, several online marketing trends will make a powerful impact on traffic and leads. Their significance and resultant growth will either give birth to newer trends or motivate expansion of the existing ones.

So, here are latest digital marketing trends and stats for 2017 that will increase traffic on your website and will definitely give your brand a new start. First we’ve provided all of the latest trends in online marketing and then we’ll describe all digital marketing statistics required in 2017.

Trend #1: Content Marketing

Content marketing involves forward-vision towards creating and distributing content by utilizing the right channels. It is not about putting words on paper, content marketing includes extensive research, proper ideation, creation of different forms of content, rigorous editing, setting a social distribution plan, sharing and measuring the final output. Content marketing mainly focuses on creating quality content, that builds visibility and value for your brand.

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Trend #2: Micro-Influencer Marketing

Brands want more leads in less time and micro Influencer marketing is the trendiest way to do this. Micro-Influencers are experts of a niche, with followers from identical or similar business vertical. It has gained high popularity as you can reach relevant traffic to improve search rankings, generate high quality leads, engage new target audiences, drive conversions and build trust.

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Trend #3: App Store Optimization

Downloading of apps will continue to grow in 2017 and it is expected to swell further. Brands and businesses are now convinced on the need for an app that best meets customer requirements and are looking for innovative marketing campaigns to make their apps the most sought. App Store Optimization has just recently gained popularity in digital marketing trends.

Trend #4: Big Data Personalization Model

Big data comprises market & customer insights and predictive analytics. It has been noticed that Big data starts gaining pace once the business is matured or new structures and roles have been implemented.

It is a vital digital marketing trend of 2017 that has been adopted by many businesses. It helps to increase the sales Big data is not restricted in offering personalized customer volume by adding a personalization touch to websites. Experience and marketing; it can be utilized in various other forms.

But, it’s personalization strategy has shown huge success for Amazon, Netflix and Spotify. They took the support of email marketing and predictive analytics to improve the customer experience. The one-to-one marketing is becoming the new trend, which in turn is popularizing the Big Data strategy.

Trend #5: In-store Marketing

One more important and evolving trend in digital marketing is in-store marketing. Though it is considered to be a part of offline marketing, with time it has become an inevitable part of online marketing. As the thin line dividing online and offline store is disappearing, in-store marketing trend is making its place in local SEO.

Trend #6: Video Marketing

In 2017, digital marketing services are taking a new dimension to make it more apt for tech savvy consumers. As consumers get interested in different brands, they want to follow the brand stories in detail. Videos are the best tool to showcase these stories and that is the reason why video marketing is gaining popularity.

Trend #7: Live-video Streaming

People’s interests for video stimulation has increased manifold, so has the demand for live video content. Social media is a brilliant platform to spread the message by streaming live broadcasts and promoting them in advance. The thirst of live-video streaming has convinced platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to come up with Periscope and Live Now, respectively. This is a better way for brands and businesses to connect with their fans and followers in real-time.

Trend #8: Social Media Marketing

Every year the social media consumption is increasing and the big players are monopolizing the market. As a brand, you need to keep your eyes open and ready to accept any change coming through digital marketing. Social media platforms are getting consolidated as Facebook bought WhatsApp and Twitter purchased Periscope. These adaptations are going to bring a revolution.

Another significant internet marketing trend that has been introduced in social media is the concept of expiring content. It reduces unnecessary clutter, enhances the audience attention and introduces a sense of urgency. The initiative of watching 10-second videos that disappear after one view was first taken by Snapchat.


Trend #9: Optimizing Website with the Emergence of Wearable Technology

As the number of people using the mobile increases, the demand of mobile website designing is also increasing. Brands and businesses need to develop their websites to suit the needs of the average wearable users. Websites should be optimized for all forms of screens to deliver better user experience.

Trend #10: Consumer Engagement Strategy

The rising sophistication of digital technology increases the scope for brands to initiate and set proper consumer engagement strategy. This helps the brands to engage with consumers in a better and convincing manner.

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